1 Minute Mastery

The Best Professional Development for Teachers!

What makes 1 Minute Mastery so special?

The best professional development for teachers? That’s a bold statement, but we believe it’s true. 1 Minute Mastery is because it is all practical, convenient and in line with all of the principles of andragogy.  Teachers don’t have to leave their room or worry about making lesson plans.

1 Minute Mastery videos are no more than 2 minutes in length. Each one gives a skill or strategy for solving common problems in the classroom.

Every week teachers will be engaged in learning research-based, practical skills that will increase their ability to be the most effective in the classroom.

1 Minute Mastery Checklist

Easy to implement
Easy to Access
Bite-sized Lessons for Easy Retention
Research-based / Field-tested
Highly Effective

How It works:

Each subscriber receives the free e-book “Sharpen Your Own Pencil”.  This book gives research-based strategies for how to quickly implement the 1 Minute Mastery lessons into your professional practice.

Every subscriber will receive a video lesson in his/her email once a week for all 52 weeks of the year.

Each lesson is practical, research-based and effective.

We have created these lessons using the best research on teaching and learning to get you the high-leverage strategies you can use immediately in the classroom.

What is Microlearning?

To create the best professional development for teachers, we looked deep into the principles of excellent teaching and angragogy. For example, thanks to the pioneering work of Dr. Hermann Ebbinghaus, educators have known as early as 1885,  that we start forgetting information almost as soon as we learn it. Within 2 days of a lesson, we can only recall a little more than 25% of what was presented, and after a month, fully 80% of what we were taught is forgotten, especially if the information that was learned wasn’t practical or crucial to the learner.

1 Minute Mastery lessons are designed with the concept of Microlearning in mind. Microlearning makes information more easily retained and accessible by presenting in small chunks, as short as 1 minute in length. In addition, each 1 Minute Mastery lesson is practical and can be immediately put into practice.

With the overwhelming schedule of teachers, going to a day-long workshop that is focussed on theory just isn’t practical anymore. What is needed are small, easily digestible chunks of information that succinctly show how to implement high-leverage skills and strategies that enable teachers to be highly effective in their classroom. This is 1 Minute Mastery.


the best professional development for teachers

*Each subscriber gets access to our popular e-book “Sharpen Your Own Pencil”, absolutely free!  This book is bursting with practical, research-based ideas and resources for how best to implement long-lasting change.

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7 reviews for 1 Minute Mastery

  1. Lori Dominski

    As an educator always on the lookout for innovative teaching methods, the 1 Minute Mastery videos by 212 Creative LLC has been a complete game changer. The brilliance of these videos lies not just in their concise nature but in the comprehensive and engaging manner in which they deliver complex concepts. These videos stand out as a stroke of pure educational genius! Kudos to the team for crafting a resource that truly empowers educators!
    -Lori, 3rd grade teacher

  2. 212 Creative, LLC

    1 Minute Mastery is a must-have for every teacher. If you are new to the field, you will get practical, research-based strategies that are a perfect combination of research-based effectiveness and in-the-field practicality. If you are a veteran teacher, you will find ways to add nuance and depth to your already successful teaching practice. I cannot say enough good things about 1 Minute Mastery .
    Brent, U.S. Department of Education Teacher of the Year

  3. 212 Creative, LLC

    The techniques in Master Classroom Management are also appropriate in the corporate setting. As a trainer for a large commercial organization, I have used several of the methods Dr. Evanski walks you through in his book. Multiple uses for the information – very applicable outside of traditional classroom settings. Well done.
    -Tricia, HR Director for Booz Allen

  4. 212 Creative, LLC

    With teachers being pressed for time in the present educational landscape, concise, practical tips are in great need. Today’s classrooms are filled with an ever-wider range of languages being spoken, a wide range of levels of achievement, and management issues. Teachers are looking for strategies that they can use almost immediately and I think your program will help meet their needs.

    Robert, University Professor

  5. 212 Creative, LLC

    I enjoyed your videos soooo much. Succinct practical suggestions –
    Sue, Assistant Superintendent

  6. 212 Creative, LLC

    I just watched your first 5 videos. It was very easy to get the videos and watch them. They were so perfect and got right to the point. The videos take very little time to watch but are so informative and helpful. Whether you are a veteran teacher or a new teacher, I would highly recommend these 1 Minute Videos. What a great resource for all teachers!!! I definitely look forward to watching more.
    Lisa, 3rd grade teacher

  7. 212 Creative, LLC

    Great strategies for a new teacher and a nice refresher for the senior teacher who may have used some of these but let them fall by the wayside; it is easy to forget some good habits as time goes on and various ‘obstacles’ become distracting to even the best veteran teachers.
    -Monica, Technology and STEM teacher

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