With the vision of creating workshops for teachers that were effective and practical, 212 CreativED was created by two life-long educators and best friends, John Donnellon and Jerry Evanski.

Combined, they have almost 70 years experience in K-12 education. John taught middle school band for over 30 years, and Jerry was a teacher and administrator at all levels, K-12 in public and private schools for almost 40 years. They both bring a wealth of knowledge to the table about cutting-edge brain research, presentation skills, creativity, creating optimal classroom environments, micro-learning, e-learning, and dealing with student behavior at all ages.

They have applied their wealth of expertise, unique training and knowledge, combined with decades of in-the-trenches experience to creating one-of-a-kind, powerful and practical training programs. Their workshops for teachers are world-class, fun, effective and practical.

Educators need effective workshops for teachers. Teaching is not what it used to be. Because of this shift, some educators have left the profession. Some stayed and just got burned out. Eventually, word got out that the job is tough, making new applicants scarce. Few people wanting to take this tough job for the pay. Experienced educators need new ideas, and new recruits need training to learn how to be successful in this demanding and important job. Thatโ€™s what we offer.

CreativeED Empowers Educators

Our training is not fluff. Our teacher development workshops are based on the best ideas of educational minds like Dr. Eric Jensen, Geoffrey and Renatte Caine, Bobbi Deporter, Dr. Allen Mendler and Jim Fay, with a solid foundation in cutting-edge neuroscience findings.

Both experienced and new educators who have taken our teacher pd courses, our lunch monitor training and substitute teacher training learn about rules and principles, how to be more authoritative in the classroom, how to deal with power struggles, and much more. They are less stressed and feel more in control, and are much more capable of handling the day to day routine of a well-run school, and are equipped to deal with the more difficult situations that come up when dealing with students.