Creativity: It’s Not What You Think!

Course Description

Currently available in person only
In this fast-paced, fun and interactive course, participants will be exposed to dozens of ideas for how to be creative, on demand. The course is centered around a parable, which is designed to raise curiosity and embed these ideas into long-term memory, to be easily recalled when needed. During the story, participants are presented with four challenges that they, and the characters in the story, must overcome, using the techniques learned.

Learning Objectives

Unpack myths about creativity
Start to believe the impossible is possible
Learn the ability to generate more ideas than ever thought possible
Experience techniques to help lead a fun, spontaneous and creative life!
Develop an enormous toolbox filled with tools for being creative on demand


The course begins by unpacking some myths about creativity, and learning that creativity can, in fact be taught, and everyone can become more creative. The story is told throughout the day, and the participants learn many techniques for overcoming the challenges in the story, and applying those techniques to real life situations. Some of the skills and techniques participants learn are:



Breaking Routines



Random Provocation

No Time

5 Whys

Six Thinking Hats

Cognitive Realignment


Effect The Super Mario Effect

And much, much more.