Learn like lightning

Learn Like Lightning

Looking for fresh new teacher pd ideas?  Check out this one-of-a-kind, innovative 212 CreativED course focussed on teaching the skills to learn anything, at lightning speed.  

By some estimates, data in the world is expected to continue to double approximately every 13 hours. The amount one person can remember is becoming a smaller part of the whole. The future will go to those who can assimilate new information in the quickest way possible.  

In this workshop, participants begin by exploring what inhibits learning, and then delve into what cutting- edge neuroscience findings teach us about how to learn anything, quickly.

New teacher PD ideas abound in this workshop! 


  • Discover what makes learning more difficult
  • Learn how to get into an optimal physical state for learning
  • Experience how to get into an optimal mental state for learning
  • Learn cutting-edge techniques for getting information into your brain
  • Experience research-based strategies for reviewing and remembering information


MEverything learned in this course can be used for personal benefit, or for teachers to use with their students to exponentially increase their learning as well.

The course begins by demonstrating the critical need at this time in history for developing the skills to learn anything at lightning speed. 

Participants then learn what inhibits learning, things like poor nutrition and sleep, stress, lack of excercise and lack of belief in their ability to learn. 

Solutions to all of these problems are taught, then the real fun begins! Participants learn how to get their bodies and minds into an optimal state for learning.   Students then learn the most advanced, most effective skills and strategies yet developed for getting the information into their heads, and the unique and exciting ways to review and remember the information.


Some of the skills and techniques participants learn are:

  • Processing Fluency
  • The enormous Power of Belief!
  • The Magic Formula for remembering anything
  • Interleaving
  • Chunking
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Miming with Narration
  • Alpha State
  • And so much more!