Lunch Monitor Training

This course is specifically designed for K-12 lunch monitors. Often, lunch monitors are hired and put on the job with little or no training, but with a lot of responsibility. This course will give them the foundational beliefs, knowledge and skills to deal with student behavioral issues, how to be authoritative in the lunchroom, how to deal with power struggles, and how to create and maintain a calm, peaceful lunchroom.

Learning Objectives

In this course, each participant will:

  • Learn 7 foundational beliefs for effective discipline
  • Be exposed to the three types of students/groups lunch monitors will encounter
  • Discover how to craft effective rules and consequences
  • Understand how to look, feel and be authoritative in the lunchroom
  • Be trained in ways to handle power struggles with students
  • Be exposed to dynamic strategies for preventing most discipline problems before they occur
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Course Outline

This course is designed in four modules. Each module has a focus that is taught, reinforced with animations and practice exercises and followed by a short formative assessment.

The course ends with a full-course review and a summative assessment.

Module 1: Introduction, Foundational Beliefs, and the Three Kinds of Kids
Module 2: Rules, Values, and the Goal of All Discipline
Module 3: Downshifting, Consequences and Empathy, Be the Authority
Module 4: Power Struggles and Prevention