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Getting and Keeping Attention!

Master Classroom Management in Eight Weeks

This is our most popular course. New teachers will learn skills that everyone wished they knew when they started teaching. Skills like engaging students, getting attention, communicating and so much more. Experienced teachers will enjoy the fast-paced, fun day, and are guaranteed to come away with an understanding why their own techniques work, and some new ideas to try!

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the new paradigm for classroom management
  • Learn skills in each classroom management category
  • Be exposed to the research behind each skill
  • Know at least two new ways to get attention
  • Learn at least 8 new ways to keep attention

Course Outline

Teachers are introduced to the sports metaphor about “learning the basics” to become a championship team. They transition into “learning the basics” in education. The 8 categories of skills are Getting Attention, Keeping Attention, Engaging Students, Teaching the Lesson, Getting Participation, Giving Directions, Communicating and Starting, Stopping and Transitioning.