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We offer high-quality online training courses jam-packed with practical, effective and research-based strategies for teachers, principals, support staff and more!

How We Do It

We know time is precious. We have designed each of our e-Learning courses into bite-sized modules that are logically arranged, and can be viewed separately, or all at once. We have brought the best thinking from great educational minds and cutting-edge research, along with over 70 years of practical experience to each course.

Every participant will leave the training feeling empowered and armed with new skills and strategies to create an optimal environment for learning.

Each participant gets access to a downloadable course packet. 

At the end of each course, participants can print off a certificate of completion for their records.

Online Training includes:

  • 24/7 online access
  • Training arranged in modules that easily fit into school time schedules
  • Research-based content, written by leading experts, practicing teachers and administrators
  • All strategies are grounded in research, practical and tested in the field
  • Formative and summative assessments included in each online learning module
  • Certificate of completion awarded to each participant
  • Downloadable course packet

E-Learning Course Offerings:

All courses are also available as on-site, in-person trainings

Powerful and Practical
Lunch Monitor Training

Public Speaking for

Substitute Teaching

In-Person Course Offerings:

All of our in-person trainings are fast-paced, fun and packed with practical strategies that can be immediately implemented the next day in the classroom.  All workshops are offered from 1 hour up to multiple days.  We can accomodate any special needs, circumstance or particular focus for the workshop.


To keep the learning going all year, every participant in one of our in-person teacher workshops will be enrolled in our innovative 1 Minute Mastery program FREE FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!   This is a $120 value PER PERSON!  Great value and even greater learning potential.

Creativity: It’s Not What
You Think!

Master Classroom Management in 8 Weeks!

Brain-Based Learning and Teaching



Healing Classrooms: Strategies for Addressing Student Trauma and Teacher Well-Being

Learn Like Lightning


Building Positive Relationships with Students, Staff and Parents!


11 reviews for In-person Training

  1. 212 Creative, LLC

    The best teacher in the world. He makes school fun and interesting. If every teacher were like him schools would be packed. He makes all students feel smart and special. He’s very understanding, and brings out the best in everyone. I would recommend him to everyone, and anyone.

  2. 212 Creative, LLC

    Best workshop presenter I ever had. I can’t believe he’s not on the national circuit and on Oprah. Seriously, he is one gifted, amazing man.

  3. 212 Creative, LLC

    This was hands down the best PD I have been to in almost 30 years as an educator. It gave teachers what they needed: practical strategies, that WORK, about things we do all day long. I honestly got a sore hand taking notes, there were so many good ideas. Hanging on your every word, can’t wait until you come back to give us more!
    John, high school teacher

  4. 212 Creative, LLC

    Your presentation was the most engaging PD I have ever been to. Thank you for providing actual examples on how to use your strategies, and not just give us theory and an overview. I really enjoyed your presentation and can’t wait to use your ideas.
    -Armanda, elementary teacher

  5. 212 Creative, LLC

    I loved the helpful, easy to incorporate strategies you gave us throughout the day. It didn’t make me feel like what I am doing was wrong or bad, just suggests to better myself and add depth to my teaching. You explained the reasoning behind the strategies and ideas you gave us (I loved the research based info!).
    Mariah, elementary teacher

  6. 212 Creative, LLC

    It was very engaging! Loved the music and being able to move around. Great classroom management tips. Very helpful day, and filled with ideas and tips I will actually use. I teach ESL and still felt like all of these strategies and ideas applied to me.
    Heather, Elementary ESL teacher

  7. 212 Creative, LLC

    Very engaging. I have gained a lot of knowledge and ideas to take back to my classroom. Thank you for your outstanding strategies.
    Jamie, teacher

  8. 212 Creative, LLC

    Thank you. Because of the engaging and fun way you taught us, all of the lessons are imprinted on my brain. Than you for taking time to share your knowledge with us. You are approachable, so knowledgeable, easy to listen to and the funniest presenter we’ve ever had!
    Kris, P.E. Teacher

  9. 212 Creative, LLC

    You were so engaging! I will be using all of the fun brain breaks and so many of the other ideas you gave us. Everything was great. I hope you can come back and work with us again.
    -Lark, 4th grade teacher

  10. 212 Creative, LLC

    The entire workshop was very engaging and informative. I am taking so many ideas back to my classroom!
    -Aimee, 5th grade teacher

  11. 212 Creative, LLC

    I loved it all. Very engaging. Thank you. One of the most informative and fun PD’s I have ever attended.
    -Stephanie, 1st grade teacher

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