Professional Development for Teachers: 1 Minute Mastery

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As a principal, I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to give all of my teachers ongoing, high quality professional development, but the critical shortage of substitute teachers made it difficult to send anyone out of the building. With the growing number of behavioral issues, teachers were hesitant to leave their classroom anyways.  

If you face the same issues, and you are looking for effective, on-going professional development for teachers, 1 Minute Mastery is a great solution.  1 Minute Mastery is made by teachers, for teachers. Subscribers get a new video each week, delivered to their inbox. Each video is under 2 minutes long, and highlights solutions to a common classroom problem. Do teachers want to know how to get and keep students’ attention? Are they interested in ways to get engagement and participation in the classroom? How about learning how to deal with difficult parents, and managing their own stress? Strategies for all of these topics and much more can be found in 1 Minute Mastery.

Contact us to see how you can get 1 Minute Master free for a year for your entire staff.

Here are some recent reviews of 1 Minute Mastery.  

“The techniques in 1 Minute Mastery are also appropriate in the corporate setting. As a trainer for a large commercial organization, I have used several of the methods Dr. Evanski teaches. Multiple uses for the information – very applicable outside of traditional classroom settings. Well done.”

-Tricia, HR Director for Booz Allen

“I enjoyed your videos soooo much. Succinct practical suggestions”

Sue, Assistant Superintendent

“Great strategies for a new teacher and a nice refresher for the senior teacher who may have used some of these but let them fall by the wayside; it is easy to forget some good habits as time goes on and various ‘obstacles’ become distracting to even the best veteran teachers.”

-Monica, Technology and STEM teacher

Saying “yes” to 1 Minute Mastery means no more worrying about finding substitute teachers. No more dreading doing long, detailed lesson plans. No more being out of your classroom worrying about what is going on back at your school. No more endless professional development for teachers that isn’t practical or useful. Click here to enroll yourself, or your entire school, in 1 Minute Mastery professional development for teachers.