Public Speaking for Principals

With the amount of public speaking that principals are required to do, this course is a must for any new or experienced principal.

Learning Objectives

In this course, participants will:

  • Learn how to quickly create a speech for any occasion
  • Learn speech templates that can be used for short, impromptu speeches and a powerful template for longer, more formal speeches.
  • Get pro tips on using your body, voice, words and gestures
  • Master handling visuals and questions with ease
  • Experience how to be confident on command

Course Outline

This course is designed in four modules. Each module has a focus that is taught, then reinforced with animations and practice exercises, followed by a short formative assessment.

The course ends with a full-course review and a summative assessment.

Module 1: Overview and introduction
Module 2: Templates and visuals
Module 3: Strategies for effectively using your body and gestures
Module 4: Using your voice and words for powerful public speaking