Superstar Substitute Teaching

Substitute teachers are an important, vital part of the educational system. They need and deserve to get the best training to make them the most effective guest teacher possible

In this course, substitute teachers will learn what to do before their day begins, what to do during the day, and how to end there day perfectly. 

They will receive foundational beliefs that will help them understand how to deal with students throuought the day.  They will get an understanding of the three groups of students they will likely encounter, and get exposed to useful and practical strategies, like backpocket pieces.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Understand the foundational beliefs for effective discipline
  • Learn exactly what to do before, during and after their day
  • Get the Learn the 4 steps for dealing with power struggles
  • Be exposed to practical skills, such as backpocket pieces


In this lively and captivating class, participants learn the exactly what to do before the school day begins, what to do during the day if there are discipline problems or extra time, and what to do to wrap up the day perfectly.. nuanced skills of professional communication. They will learn the optimal way to deal with power struggles, and how to give consequences for the 3 groups of students they will likely encounter. At the end of the course, participants willl walk away with renewed confidence and a toolbox full of skills.