Teacher Professional Development Workshop Idea: Here’s how!

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Are you looking for ideas teacher professional development workshop ideas? Here’s a great one. What do you do when you are starting to lose your classes attention, but you still need them to pay attention a little bit longer? We look at attention like a wave. As a wave comes closer and closer to the shore, it starts to crest. Right at the peak, at the Crest of the Wave, if something doesn’t change, that wave is going to crash. Just like attention. If you have had the classes attention for a long time, right at the “Crest of the Wave” if you don’t do something different, that wave will crash–you will lose their attention. So what do you do at the “Crest of the Wave”. You do something called a State Change.

State Change

A state change is a change in a student’s thoughts, feelings or physiology. This would be an incredibly powerful topic for a teacher professional development workshop. The nice part about a state change is if you change one, you change all three! You can change your students’ thoughts with a story, a video or other visual. If you do, you can refresh their physiology also, so they can sit for a bit longer and pay attention to the lesson. I usually do physiological state changes. These don’t have to be difficult or complex. You could do something as simple as standing and breathing, or having all your students do a couple of toe-lifts to get their blood flowing again. Check out the fun state change called “The Finger-Thumb Switch” in the video above. It’s deceivingly simple! Looks easy to do, but it is a little more challenging than it looks.

The Cerebellum

One note about learning new physical skills: the part of our brains that stores physical programs is called the cerebellum. This means “Little Brain” in Latin. I like to say that the cerebellum is “Slow to remember, but never forgets”. To master The Finger-Thumb switch or any other physical program, it is imperative that you go as slow as you need to go to get a perfect performance. If you try it and are still doing it incorrectly, slow it down! Once your brain has stored the pattern, it will take care of the speed!

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