teacher professional development workshop

Brain-Based Learning and Teaching

This teacher professional development workshop is one of our most impactful. Using Caine and Caine’s 12 Mind/Brain Principles as a foundation, this course begins with creating an model that is large enough to contain and organize all of the brain research from the last 50 years as it relates to education.

We spend the rest of the teacher professional development workshop filling that model with research-based, effective and applications that are practical and can immediately be implemented in the classroom, to create the optimal learning environment.

Teacher Professional Development Workshop

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Become familiar with the 12 mind/brain principles
  • Get practical applications for each principle
  • Learn new skills, such as Mind Mapping, Visual Spelling, Peg System, Linking Stories, Number Shape System, Visualizing and Verbalizing, Alpha State, Rote Memory Skills, Circuit Learning, Notes ™, Harvard Time Box and much more. 
  • Understand how to use music to facilitate the classroom and increase student learning

Course Outline

This course begins with creating the big picture using the 12 Mind/Brain Principles and the T3M3 Model.

Participants journey through each of the principles and get a thorough grounding in the research and dozens of practical applications of the research that can be used in their classroom.